1902 - 1971


He gained international renown with famous designs from the 50s to the 70s, inspired by the organic world, such as the Swan chair, Egg chair, Ant chair, 3107 chair...which have become classic icons of vintage furniture.


Arne Emil Jacobsen was born in 1902 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Until 1924, when his father encouraged him to take up bricklaying, he attended Copenhagen Technical College, a far cry from the world of designer furniture. He then entered the architecture competition at the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. In 1927, with his diploma in hand, he worked for an architectural firm, before setting up his own practice in 1930. He went on to develop a host of projects in architecture, interior design, designer furniture and textiles, winning numerous international awards and continuing to influence current generations of designers around the world.

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