10 pieces ultra-collector design

From Joe Colombo's Elda armchair to Poul Henningsen's Ph Artichock lamp, set off in this article to discover cult interior design pieces!

The Elda armchair by Joe Colombo

The Elda armchair is an iconic creation by Italian designer Joe Colombo. Designed in 1963, it has become an icon of modern design, distinguished by its futuristic shape, sculptural allure and ergonomic design. One of the chair's most striking features is its pivoting backrest, which allows users to choose the position that suits them best.

The Elda armchair bears witness to Colombo's avant-garde vision and exploration of organic, functional forms.

The Tulip table by Eero Saarinen

The Knoll Tulip table is a creation by American designer Eero Saarinen for the Knoll furniture company. Designed in 1956, it embodies the modern, functional aesthetic of mid-century design. Its design is distinguished by its minimalism and geometric simplicity. Its single base eliminates traditional legs, allowing diners to sit around the table unhindered by bulky legs. This creates a sense of lightness and fluidity in the space.

The Chandigarh armchair by Pierre Jeanneret

The Chandigarh armchair is a creation by designer Pierre Jeanneret designed for the city of Chandigarh, India, in the 1950s. Pierre Jeanneret worked closely with his cousin, architect Le Corbusier, on the design and realization of the city of Chandigarh, the capital of the Indian state of Punjab. As part of this project, they developed a series of specific pieces of furniture to equip the city's buildings and public spaces. The chair is appreciated for its simple, functional design and use of natural materials. It reflects the modern aesthetic and functionalist approach of Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier. It is considered a symbol of modernist design and Chandigarh's architectural heritage.

The PH Artichoke lamp by Poul Henningsen

The PH Artichoke lamp, which takes its name from its distinctive shape, is a famous design lamp created in 1958, by Danish designer Poul Henningsen. Poul Henningsen was known for his scientific approach to lighting, aiming to create functional, comfortable illumination. The PH Artichoke embodies this philosophy, offering soft, pleasant lighting while being an aesthetically captivating object.

The Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini

The Camaleonda is a modular sofa created by Italian designer Mario Bellini in 1970. The model is highly appreciated for its versatility and ability to adapt to different spaces and needs. It is made up of independent modules that can be assembled and configured according to individual preferences. The Camaleonda embodies the spirit of freedom and experimentation of 1970s design, while remaining a timeless piece of modern design.

The Barcelona model by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Bauhaus figure Ludwig Mies van der Rohe first presented the Barcelona model at the Barcelona World Fair in 1929. The Barcelona Chair is renowned for its exceptional comfort. The ergonomic shape of the cushions follows the contours of the body, providing optimum support. The high-quality leather used for the cushions adds a sense of luxury and durability. The Barcelona Chair has become a symbol of modern design and timeless elegance.

Candleholders by Werner Stoff and Hans Nagel

The Nagel candleholder was designed by German designers Wernes Stoff and Hans Nagel in 1965. They are composed of various modular, stackable metal pieces, which can be assembled to create a thousand and one configurations to suit individual desires.

The coffee table by Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi created this coffee table in the 1940s, and it quickly became a design icon. Its combination of organic forms and natural materials made it a highly prized piece of furniture the world over. Its fluid, harmonious design makes it equally at home in modern interiors and more traditional spaces.

The Groovy armchair by Pierre Paulin

The Groovy armchair by Pierre Paulin is a classic. Designed in 1963, it embodies the bold, organic style that characterized the designer's work. It is an icon of 1960s design.

The Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames

The Lounge Chair was created by the iconic design couple Charles and Ray Eames in 1956. It is manufactured by Herman Miller in the USA and Vitra in Europe.

The Lounge Chair is famous for its modern, elegant and ergonomic design. It is often accompanied by a matching footrest, known as an Ottoman, which offers additional support for the feet, creating the ultimate relaxation experience.


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